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Ion Sturza renounces the task of investment of the government of the Republic of Moldova, due to the lack of support


The premier Ion Sturza confirmed that he gave up the task of investment of his cabinet, due to the lack of support for a pro-European government, after the parliament of the Republic of Moldova did not get the quorum ‘ I saw clearly who and what position has as regards the process of voting for a pro-European government. The lack of quorum did not allow us to present the governing programme. By this exercise, my mandate was finalised’ Ion Sturza stated.

The special meeting of the parliament of the Republic of Moldova for the vote in the case of the government of premier Ion Sturza was suspended, due to lack of quorum. The parliament in Kishinev had to give on Monday their vote in the case of the cabinet proposed by premier Ion Sturza. But, according to the Unimedia, the special meeting was attended by 47 MPs only out of 101.

‘I will have a meeting with president Nicolae Timofti where, symbolically I will renounce my mandate. I hoped there would be quorum. I considered that the deputies should meet their duties’ Sturza said.

‘I promise you that my speech that I was going to deliver in the parliament will be public. I will continue to collaborate with the civil society and the mass-media in the same formula of openness. I was surprised to see Mr Marian Lupu in the hall. The absence of deputies in the Democrat party was staged. I am having a meeting with Mr President, after which I will continue my life of a citizen. From the central tribune of the parliament I will go to the streets’ Sturza said.