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Isarescu hopes that the reduction of the key interest to be followed by the reduction of rates to loans in lei


BNR governor Mugur Isarescu states that the decision to reduce the rate of interest of monetary policy was a ‘normal’ one and hopes that it will reflect the reduction of the rates for loans in lei in a shorter period, maybe even starting with September. ‘I hope it will come back from holidays and see it starting with September. Let’s see!’stated the BNR governor, after being requested to estimate in how many months the decision taken on Monday by BNR will be seen in the creditation made by commercial banks.


Isarescu showed that he hoped the signal for the reduction of the key interest to be quicker than in the past as regards the rates of interest for the loans in lei. ‘We hope, I wouldn’t say I expcet. Hope is connected, mainly to the fact that sooner or later, I hope it will be sooner, the banks will understand that it is in their interest to get closer to the clients. It is their main source of earning, and avoinding more difficult situations. (..) It depends how quick they understand and they act on a domestic level so that this hope becomes reality’ the head of the central bank said.


The BNR governor appreciates that the banks will see positively this decision. ‘ I would say that it is not too much of what I have sent them on different ways these last two-three years’, Isarescu said.

BNR governor said that the reduction of the key interest will help ‘very much’ the new formula of the Prima Casa programme, through the loans in lei only which are offered.