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JusMin Iordache on tentative law amendments: Initial unclear, inconsistent provisions will be definitely scrapped


Minister of Justice Florin Iordache said on Monday that the initial unclear or inconsistent provisions in the draft emergency ordinances on the grant of prison pardons and the amendment of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code will be removed.

"We will take into account the observations that have been made today and those provisions which were initially unclear or inconsistent will be scrapped for sure. I don't want to specifically tell you what will be removed or if we'll do so and how the text will look like in the end. I say this again, following the consultations, I have some observations I want to be included in the two regulatory acts," the JusMin said at the end of the public debate organized at the Justice Ministry.

Iordache said that he cannot say what his recommendations will be before the respective regulatory acts are completed.

"In the first place I'll have a discussion with Premier Sorin Grindeanu and we will definitely let you know what solution we'll assume," Iordache said.

The JusMin added that he wants clear and consistent laws for every citizen to be able to observe, regardless of his/her judicial knowledge.

"This is actually the mandate I came here with — to repair all elements that are not consistent with a clear modern and European legislation," Iordache mentioned.