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JusMin Tudorel Toader announces his resignation

Justice minister Tudorel Toader announced he will go to the Government to present his resignation to the premier, and Dancila is going to take a decision.

“I am going to the Government to give my resignation to the prime minister. She will decide what will do with this resignation, of course, she will most probably send it to the Presidency and, in this way, she is kicking off the procedure of reshuffling,” Toader said, adding: “I will remain in office until the President evaluates this, decides and issues the decree to relieve me of my duties and to name a new Justice minister“.

The ousted minister of Justice, Tudorel Toader, had previously stated on Thursday morning that he is leaving the office content and that he has fulfilled his duties.  „Of course, you cannot please everybody”, „Personally, I am very content about my activity”, he said.

Questioned is pressures have been made against him to sign certain legislative acts (including emergency ordinances), Toader avoided an answer.

Toader has strongly denied the possibility of him being the next Prosecutor General, arguing such a thing never occurred to him, as he doesn’t want to be a prosecutor end-of-career.

Asked to give an opinion about the his proposed successor, Eugen Nicolicea, Toader has made a long pause, then said the journalists should ask the ones who proposed Nicolicea, for he personally has just had an institutional relation with the proposed minister, and he doesn’t know him well. „I only know him to the extent of the constitutional relations, I would commit a big mistake if I pronounced myself”, Toader pointed out.

After talking to the prime minister today, Toader said he will stay in office until the name of the new minister is published in the Official Gazette. Following the journalists’ repeated questions, Toader stated that he had told the premier she would let her know by the end of the day if he is resigning or if the revocation procedure is going on.

PM Viorica Dancila has sent the proposal to revoke Tudorel Toader from the Justice minister position to the Presidency, as well as the proposal to replace him with Eugen Nicolicea. The move comes after ruling Social Democrat leaders had decided to withdraw the political support for Justice Minister Tudorel Toader.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu, ALDE’s ( minor at rule) chairman, the party who endorsed Tudorel Toader for the Justice portfolio, has sprang to the Toader’s defence, stating that he played a major role in the PSD-ALDE coalition’s approach “to reform the judiciary, in the attempt to get back to normality and to try provide the independence of justice”. “Toader has done many things, let’s remember, no minister in the past ten year has not had the courage to touch a strand of hair of Laura Codruta Kovesi. Or, as it has recently been the revocation request for the esteemed Mr. Augustin Lazar”, said Tariceanu.