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Kaspersky: Cyber Attack on hospitals in Romania is part of alarming tendency at world level


The cyber attack on hospitals in Romania is part of an alarming tendency at global level. There have been similar cases in the US or Germany, according to Kaspersky representatives.

“Until now, we do not know what ransomware caused the attack in Romania. According to a SRI hypothesis, we are talking about BadRabbit, an older ransomware. In many cases of ransomware, their success is based on 4 big types of problems: not all systems in the network have an antivirus;  operation systems are old and not upgraded; passwords used by administrators and users are weak; users open email attachments without checking their source,”Kaspersky representatives say.

They mention that many problems caused by ransomware type attacks can be avoided by correcting these aspects.

Besides ransomware, there is the fact that medical equipment is insufficiently protected, although it includes computers with installed operation systems and applications.

Kaspersky recommendations for the protection of clinics from unauthorized access which can have serious consequences are: the use of complex passwords to protect all connection external points; protecting medical equipment applications in the local network with passwords, in case an unauthorized person had access to areas considered trustworthy; protecting infrastructure from threats such as malware programs and hacker attacks with a complex security solution; upgrading IT security policies, the development of patch management and making evaluations of vulnerabilities and backup to critical data, regularly and by preserving an offline backup copy.

On Wednesday, CERT-RO announced that a new wave of malicious ransomware applications have affected many institutions in the field of healthcare that activate in Romania.

“In the latest notifications, CERT-RO has identified a significant increase of attacks with ransomware type applications at national level. Besides household users, attackers focused on health  institutions,” the update shows.

Four hospitals in Romania have been affected by the BadRabbit 4 ransomware, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) announced. One of the hospitals is the Victor Babe? Infectious Diseases Hospital in Bucharest. The other hospitals are located in Hu?i, Dorohoi and C?rbune?ti.

A team of the Cyberint National Center was sent to the Bucharest hospital to assess the situation.

“The preliminary analysis shows that installing a recognized antivirus product is enough to stop the ransomware. Most probably, this was based on social engineering (fooling the user), and not on exploiting a vulnerability of the system. The ransomware is not a complex one and can be detected by any antivirus product,” SRI said.