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Kovesi: Value of Microsoft and EADS contracts could exceed 1 billion euros


Laura Codruta Kovesi, the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) declared that the value of Microsoft and EADS contracts analyzed in the file exceeded 1 billion euros.


“We are evaluating. The value of Microsft and EADS contracts checked in this file exceeds 1 billion euros. That does not mean the prejudice is the same. We will establish it when we have the real value of contracts. In case of Microsoft licenses the value suspected by prosecutors as objects of bribery and influence trafficking is about 60 million euros, but the prejudice is still under evaluation. Most people who signed contracts in Microsoft licenses may appear in the EADS case. There are ministries which appear in both cases as signatories of contracts or having a contribution in their signing. That is why the files are considered together,”the chief of DNA said in an interview granted to Ziare.com.


As for the EADS file, the chief prosecutor said there had been daily activities in the case.

“In some way it has been ‘detonated’. We do not have two separate files - Microsoft and EADS - we have a single one in which all these contracts are checked. For contracts on Microsoft licenses we have made accusations but we have not succeeded to do that with EADS contracts. In this file we had almost daily hearings, confiscation of documents, home or company searches, we took computers for investigation. Therefore a lot of information has been gathered,”Kovesi said.


She added that important names could appear in the EADS case. “we can expect anything. If the investigation shows that people with important positions were involved in corruption acts we can certainly expect that.”


Referring to the fact that the Microsoft file had been served by FBI she pointed out that the investigation was a Romanian one, made by DNA.“Several denunciations have been received in this file, we had a close collaboration with SRI. It was not an investigation coordinated by foreign authorities or agencies. In the file we had cooperation activities with various US agencies and with Microsoft company which is not penally involved in the file. On the contrary, they supplied information useful for the investigation. We had cooperation activities with European authorities too,”KOvesi explained adding that the investigation was not initiated from FBI.


The chief of DNA showed that FBI did not send official data in the investigation.


Kovesi: There are over 4,800 cases open; we have large cases, targeting important people


Head prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, stated that there are over 4,800 cases open with the DNA, among them large, complex, cases, that target people with important positions.The DNA head mentioned that they will continue the rhythm of the inquiries developed by anti-corruption prosecutors and admitted that there are cases open that target people in high positions.

"Yes, certainly. It's the pace imposed for a year and a half. There are over 4,800 cases open. (...) We have open large, complex, cases, targeting people in important positions. Our activity will not stop, maybe only in the holiday period, but it is not certain then either. We will continue at the same pace, with the same efficiency, if no legislative changes or of another nature appear. As long as we are left to do our job, we will do it just as better and as efficiently as before", said Kovesi, in an interview for news website Ziare.com

Referring to the association of the anti-corruption offensive of late with the electoral campaign, she emphasized that the DNA had a constant activity throughout the year.

"There was no larger number of case, or more complex cases instrumented only during the election campaigns. In the campaign for the European Parliament elections we were accused of letting the engine idle, even though the number of cases instrumented was approximately equal from February to May. So it wasn't true. Now we have been accused that we have accelerated. It's only a matter of perception. I will give you statistic data. DNA run the most actions in June and July, when there was no campaign ongoing. On June 4 we had 11 actions in one day, just as we had on May 28. We do not arrange when the whistleblowers come, when the auctions are being rigged. The actions are set in motion strictly on the evidence and investigations developed", said the head prosecutor.

On the other hand, Kovesi admitted that there is a permanent concern regarding possible legislative amendments regarding the competencies and organization of the DNA.

"There is a permanent concern when we see that important persons in the state are attacking the DNA because of the investigations we conduct. There is a fear that legislative amendments may be brought to the capacities, the organization of the DNA, of the statute of prosecutors. We shall see in the future if these fears still exist", emphasized Laura Codruta Kovesi.