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Labor force crisis and high bureaucracy are breaks limiting economic increase

The share of profit in the business figure maintained constant, exploitation profit representing 8% of the overall business figure with companies analyzed in the study, confirmed by National Company Top 2021, made by Romania's Chamber of Trade and Industry. (CCIR).According to the source, Romanian economy proves resilience, despite difficulties triggered by the health crisis.


In 2021, 12,393 companies were included in the first ten positions. The cumulated business figure of companies included in the first ten places is 178.18 billion euros and the exploitation profit of companies amounted to 15.08 billion euros.

As for the total number of employees of companies ranking in the first ten positions, it was 1.279 millions, CCIR representatives say.


Despite major challenges of 2020, economy did not stop, but proved resilience, showing that businessmen found the necessary solutions to adapt the new reality. Challenges remain major for Romanian companies. Labor force crisis and the high level of bureaucracy are breaks limiting economic growth. Institutional stability and a consisting dialogue with central and local authorities are essential conditions to maintain Romania's economic stability,” CCIR representatives say.


768,372 financial reports of active companies in Romania were analysed when making the TNF top, representing an increase of over 5% against the previous year. Of them, 250,925 reports entered the competition for the first ten positions in the national top, according to the methods of making company tops implemented by Chambers of Trade in all country counties.


CCIR has organized the National Company Top (TNF) since 1994, being the only organization entitled to make such a top at country level by organic law.


According to the source, the 28th TNF edition of 2021 classified 12,393 companies in

the first ten positions at national level: 4,394 in industry, 3,441 in services, 2,613 in trade, 271 in tourism, 465 in research-development and high tech, 614 in agriculture, silviculture and fishing and 595 in constructions.