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Labor Minister concerned over rising in-work poverty risk

The most worrying aspect now is the rising in-work poverty risk, as the percentage of employees who can be included in this category is 17.3%, Minister of Labor, Family and Social Protection Mariana Campeanu said on Thursday.

Attending the debate occasioned by the launch of the survey 'Impact of qualification and re-qualification on workforce demand and supply', conducted by experts of the Bureau for the labor market and job quality watch of the National Trade Union Bloc, the Minister of Labor added that 'according to the studies conducted lately, only 9.5% of Romanians consider they are well paid, while the share of employees who are content with their wages is 63% in Denmark and 60% in Luxembourg; over 20% of Romanians consider that their job offers them no career advancement opportunity.'
Mariana Campeanu also stressed, that developing competencies and professional qualifications is a must in the coming period.

'If, in the short, medium and long term we do not pursue a higher level of education, but also for professional training and qualification standards, we risk facing serious problems as concerns the training of human resources. At this time, earning a Master's degree while the student doesn't know even the title of the dissertation is more important than the acquisition of real knowledge in an area that will be in demand in the near future on the labor market,' said the Minister of Labor.

According to Mariana Campeanu the state's priority in this period is reducing tax evasion, ensuring a fair collection of fees and taxes, but also doing away with undocumented work, because 'together these three measures will have a far more efficient economic impact than increasing labor taxes, ie the wage tax. As for the scrapping of the flat tax, I think it could have a positive effect in the short term, but in the long run it will definitely not produce good consequences,' said the Labor Minister.