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Labour Ministry: Problem of labour force quality of competence in Romania

There are not many active people in the labour market in Romania, and most of them are not ready for the economic structure the country tends to, said labour minister Dragos Pislaru, at a debate about the Strategy of occupation policies and reform of the Public Occupation Office (SPO), according to a press release of the National Agency for Labour Force Occupation (ANOFM).

“It is a matter of quantity of the active population, we will be faced with a labour force deficit and at the same time there is the problem of labour force quality, of competence,” says Dragos Pislaru.

The minister showed that measures should be adopted to increase labour force mobility at national level considering the different occupation need from one country to the other.

At the same time, Marcel Dumitru Miclau, the president of ANOFM laid accent on the question of young people, showing that there is a high number of jobless people and they should benefit from support, since many of them are not sufficiently prepared to enter the labour market.

The strategy of occupation policies and that of reform of SPO were debated on September 22, 2016, by the management of ANOFM with representatives of territorial structures at a work meeting where the minister of labour participated.

There are millions of people with vulnerabilities: poverty, disabilities, lacking possibility to lead a decent life, or people who got out of the economic circuit”, the minister added, pointing out that the role of SPO is to identify those people and find solutions to integrate them in the labour market.