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Lavrov: Russia is ready to have consultations with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on adapting economic policies

Moscow is ready to have consultations with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on adapting economic policies following those countries’ association with the European Union, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Saturday live during the Vesti v Subbotu program on the Rossiya 1 TV channel, quoted by Itar-Tass.


“For almost a year now we have been prepared for consultations of the kind,” he said. “As soon as the initialled texts of the draft agreements were published, we, of course, organised a professional analysis, especially regarding the countries in the CIS free trade zone - Ukraine and Moldova.”

The foreign minister continued saying Georgia was a full-fledged member of the free trade zone, “but it is a party in several agreements, which allow participation in projects not only for the Commonwealth countries, but for other countries, and thus enjoys certain privileges.”

“We shall consider the current situation from the point of view of the only criterion - how could it affect trade conditions for Russia and other countries remaining in the CIS free trade zone,” the foreign minister said. “Sure, first of all we are concerned about Russia’s interests, and interests of countries in the Customs Union - Belarus and Kazakhstan.”

Lavrov said he did not share “radical forecasts - that the association with the EU would mean economic suicide.” “However, I have seen figures. They demonstrate how “correct” and claims everything in Europe will be “different” and “much better”.”

“We are interested first of all to see what could be the influence on our market of the duty-free import of European goods to Ukraine or Moldova, pushing out of Moldovan and Ukrainian goods from their markets to be replaced by more competitive European goods, and what will happen to the markets in the countries of the Customs Union - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan,” Lavrov said.

There has been no discussion on a draft Ukrainian constitution, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday live on the Rossiya 1 television channel.

“Pyotr Alekseyevich Poroshenko, when he was elected president (of Ukraine), said amendments will be introduced into the constitution. He announced many times that it will be discussed broadly,” Lavrov recalled during the Vesti v Subbotu program.

“There has been no discussion. So saying that the current Ukrainian authorities are doing everything possible to normalize the situation and Russia is not doing anything is not too very correct, at least against the background of this specific example,” he said. (Source:Itar-Tass.com)