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Law establishing May 10 as Romania's National Independence Day, promulgated


President Klaus Iohannis promulgated on Thursday the law on the celebration of May 10 as Romania's National Independence Day.

"May 10th will be celebrated every year as Romania's National Independence Day, a national holiday, working day. Parliament, the President of Romania, the Government, the other central public authorities, as well as the local public administration authorities will organize cultural-artistic events to celebrate this day. The funds necessary for the organization of the events on the occasion of the celebration of May 10 can be provided from the local budgets or from the budgets of the central public authorities, as well as of the public institutions, within the approved budgetary allocations," the law shows.

At the date of entry into force of this law, Law no. 103/2015 for the declaration of May 10 as a national holiday is repealed, so as to avoid legislative parallelism.


May 10 marks three important moments in Romania's history: the beginning of Carol I reign, State Independence and crowning of the country's first king. Since April 2021, May 10 has become a national celebration day, by decision of the Chamber of Deputies.


National day: The first significance of May 10 is about the arrival of Carol of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen in Romania in 1866. On May 10 he arrived in Bucharest and that is the moment when May 10 becomes the National Day and Dynasty Day in Romanians' conscience until 1947, when the communists came to power. During the communist regime, May 10 was wiped out of the collective memory.


Independence Day: On May 10, 1877, Romania's Senate voted the independence proclamation versus the Ottoman Empire. The Independence War or the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878 benefited from a decisive contribution of Romanian troops, under Carol's command. At the same time, the Berlin Congress of 1878 established Romania's full independence from the Ottoman Empire.


Royalty Day: On May 10, 1881, the Parliament voted the transformation of the country into kingdom, and Prince Carol became Romania's king. The celebration of May 10 was interdicted for the first time in 1917 by the German occupation and the second time by the communist regime, following the forced abdication of king Mihai in 1947.