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  • In  the  fourth quarter of 2016, the job vacancies rate was 1.29%, decreasing by 0.05 percentage points as against the previous quarter.

  • The  number  of  job  vacancies  was  60.7  thousand,  decreasing  by  2.2  thousand  as  against  the previous quarter.

  • By  comparison  with  the  same  quarter  of  2015,  the  job  vacancies  rate  increased  by  0.08 percentage points and the number of job vacancies increased by 6.0 thousand.

Job vacancy rate in Romania was standing at 1.29 percent in Q4 2016, down 0.05 percent on a quarterly basis, with job vacancies having reached 60,700, down 2,200, according to data released on Monday by the National Statistics Institute (INS). 

Compared with the same quarter of 2015, the rate was up 0.08 percent, with job vacancies having advanced 6,000. 

'The highest job vacancy rates were reported in the public administration (4.01 percent), healthcare and social working (3.04 percent), shows, cultural and recreational events (2.65 percent). The processing industry reported nearly one quarter of the total job vacancies (14,500 vacancies), with a rate of 1.25 percent. The public sector had almost 38 percent of the total vacancies. Thus, 10,500 vacancies were recorded in the public administration, 9,800 in the healthcare and social work and 2,600 in the education system,' says INS. 

The lowest job vacancy rates were in the mining industry: 0.11 percent, or 100 vacancies. 

Against the previous quarter, the most significant rises in both the rate and the total of job vacancies were reported in healthcare and social work (+0.27 percent, +1,000 vacancies), public administration (+0.20 percent, +600 vacancies). 

The largest drops in the job vacancy rate were recorded in financial intermediation and insurance (-0.43 percent), real estate transactions (-0.42 percent), while the largest drop in the number of vacancies was reported by the mining industry (-3,300 vacancies).