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Lieutenant General Robertson at Campia Turzii: Putin’s recent actions alarming

Twelve U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt IIs have been deployed for months of military exercises involving the U.S. and Romanian air forces designed to reassure eastern Europeans who fear Russian influence in the region.

Some 350 U.S. and 300 Romanian troops are taking part in the "Atlantic Resolve" exercises that end in July.

U.S. Lt.Gen. Darryl Roberson, 3rd Air Force and 17th Expeditionary Air Force told reporters Thursday that the exercises would allay fears of NATO allies about Russia amid the Ukraine crisis.

"Intimidating actions ... have created significant distress among east Europeans and resurrected thoughts of a not too distant past," he said.

According to him, ensuring European security is a priority for the US, the presence of American soldiers at Air Base 71 Campia Turzii representing an answer to the actions of Russian president Vladimir Putin, which are alarming.

Darryl Robertson, who is the commander of the American Air Forces in Europe based in Germany declared on Thursday, at Air Base 71 Campia Turzii, where he participated in the Day of Distinguished Visitors, part of the Romanian-American exercise “Dacian Thunder 2015”, that the Romanians and other East Europeans are experiencing fear caused by the aggression in Ukraine.

He showed that his presence at Campia Turzii represented the US engagement for security and stability in Europe. The security package and rotation of troops are necessary to ensure allies and partners that Europe’s security is a priority. Even though Putin’s recent actions are alarming, the team present at Campia Turzii is not just an answer for him and Russia, but it is part of a long term program, Robertson said.

According to him, the essential point of the program is the rotation of different troops which is a solution of presenting armed forces at the right time.

Russia’s threat for the states in its vicinity is perceived differently by states located at great distance. Obviously, there is a threat, Robertson added. The security package will remain for several months. Other rotations of troops will take place and will station in Europe for 6 months to participate in joint exercises with European states, the American general said.

The bilateral exercise “Dacian Thunder 2015” is organized at Air Base 71 Campia Turzii with the participation of 350 American soldiers and 12 A10 aircraft.