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Lukoil decides on Friday if they close down Petrotel. An agreement with the prosecutors was finalised


The vice-president on refinery, marketing and distribution of the Russian group Lukoil, VladimirNekrasov stated on Wednesday in Ploiesti that they had an agreement with the Romanian prosecutors and that by Friday the leadership of the oil group will have decided if they close the refinery Petrotel or not.He added that on Tuesday he had meetings with the prosecutor who investigates the Petrotel file with vice-premier Liviu Dragnea and the delegated minister for energy Razvan Nicolescu.


We clearly see that they (Dragnea and Nicolescu) have no power to intervene in an investigation of the prosecutors/ They are sorry that the moment the refinery was closed down the budget of the country will have to be revised with a loss’ Nekrasov said.He considers that the allegations brought to the refinery are unfounded and said that he was not presented by the prosecutors any document which revealed any damage.


We reached some compromise which we will report tomorrow (on Thursday) to the leadership of Lukoil. If the leadership Lukoil accepts, we restart the refinery. If not, we don’t. We consider that the taxes of 700 million dollars paid until now this year can represent ensuring measures’ Nekrasov said.

He said that at present the strategic oil reserves and oil products of Petrotel are kept under seal, namely 100,000 tons of oil and almost 60,000 tons of gasoline and diesel. At the same time, all the assets of the refinery and the debit which Lukoil Romania has towards Petrotel are kept under seal.


To us, the closing down of the refinery was a blow, we were surprised by this decision’ Nekrasov said.

The prosecutors’ office in the Court of Appeal of Ploiesti had searches in the headquarters of Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti, Lukoil Energy&Gas România, Lukoil Lubricants East Europe, Agen?ia Lukom-A-România and TP LOG Services, all in Ploie?ti, the estimated damage being 1.039 billion lei (230 million euro) out of which 112 million euro out of fiscal evasion and the rest out of money laundering.

The general director of Petrotel Lukoil Andrey Bogdanov was placed under judiciary surveillance, being accused of fiscal evasion and money laundering.


On Monday, premier Victor Ponta said that the prosecutor is sovereign and independent in the investigation of the Lukoil case, but the government hopes in a legal solution which could allow the sanction of the people who are guilty and the recovery of the damange, as well as the normal continuation of activity and the payment of the salaries to the employees.


The trade unions and the general director of Petrotel-Lukoil required premierVictor Ponta support for the continuation of the activity and the unblocking of the company accounts, saying that thus the salaries of the employees could be paid, materials could be procured and the suppliers could be paid.