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Maior: Several foreigners expelled for terrorism


Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) director George Maior declared on Thursday that several foreigners had been expelled lately for terrorism to benefit Romania’s national security.Maior participated at Bookfest on Thursday in the launch of two books. There he was asked about the recent cases of foreign citizens suspected of terrorism who were declared undesirable.


The SRI director gave as example events in countries like Great Britain: “See what happened in Great Britain or in France and recently in Bulgaria. Our action is to the benefit of national security.”

Maior was asked by journalists why many cases of terrorism have appeared lately.


Because of various factors which led to the escalation of threat. Factors referring to the traffic of persons, international financial circuits, the way in which Romania gets involved in certain international actions turn it into an explicit target. We try to keep away from the country’s borders this phenomenon which could hit us too. Since other powerful states with very powerful intelligence services , with excellent security services could not avoid the phenomenon I think we should always be very vigilant,” Maior said.


Two foreign citizens were declared persona non grata in Romania for 15 years for their involvement in financial support and propaganda activities for Jihad oriented groups active in the Middle East, the spokesperson for SRI declared on May 24.


The two persons were involved in facilitating illegal entrance in Romania to people coming from areas with terrorist activity and the Service discovered that those persons financially backed the presence of people with radical attitude in Romania,” said Sorin Sava, spokesman for SRI.

He pointed out that they had activities which some people living in Romania accepted to become martyrs and participate in fight next to terrorist groups active in the Middle East.