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Major discrepancies: Romanians living in cities spend more than those living in the country

Discrepancies between the rural and urban areas are major in the case of the Romanians' incomes and expenses. Those living in urban areas produce and spend double what rural inhabitants do. The highest expense percentage is allocated to non alcoholic drinks and food produce.

Monthly overall expenses were 4,542 lei /household and 1,752 lei per person in quarter 1, 2019. At the opposite pole, overall expenses of the population were an average of 3,824 lei/month for households (1,479 lei/person) and represented 84.4% of overall incomes, a National Institute of Statistics (INS) press release shows.

Salaries represented 67.8% of total incomes, being the most important income source. The rest was completed from social incomes (18.7%), incomes in kind (7.8%), share sales from household patrimony (1%) and incomes in agriculture (1.4%).

Major income differences were recorded between rural and urban environments. A person from the rural environment obtained average incomes of 1,295.64 lei, while a person from the urban area had double incomes of 2,144.38 lei.

As for expenses, Romanian allocated 61.2% for consumption and 33.4% for paying taxes. Expenses for investments represented only 0.4%.

In the urban area, overall average expenses per person were 1,789.26 lei, while in the rural area they reached 1,117.99 lei

According to the standard classification per destination  of consumption expenses, food and non alcoholic drinks represented 33.2% of household consumption,8.1% of expenses were for hotels and coffee shops, 6.9% for transport and 5.6% for investments in house equipping.