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MAS conference: We must quickly adapt to changes in Black Sea area

The Defence and security monitor (MAS) organized on Tuesday the conference: “Transatlantic security bridges on background of differences between big security strategies”.Important guests at the event included experts in security, high rank militaries and members of intelligence services.

Some of the main ideas discussed at the Conference are: EU is not designed for collective defense, the US keep their engagements and Russia uses propaganda to destabilize the population.

The main ideas of MAS Conference :

  • The US maintain NATO engagements and membership

  • - We must adapt to changes quickly in Black Sea area

  • Romania represents essential security element

  • The European Army is an important project, but security can be ensured only by NATO today

  • EU is not designed for collective defense

  • Russia will not attack NATO, but can taunt Alliance members

  • Russia uses propaganda to destabilize the population

  • NATO countries must intensify fight against cyber risks

Main statements during MAS conference:

Today, Russia cannot compete against us with traditional war, but can get involved in cyber war, which is very dangerous, showed Carol Rollie Flynn, CIA specialist in fighting terror.

She showed that the Russians are not preoccupied by our actions, but by movements within it. Movements in Moscow, for instance, which took place a few years ago. Measures are adopted against the press and civil society. The great danger was localized in that environment.

What is happening in democratic regimes? They are open, promote transparency, but this transparency is not allowed in today's Russia. Romania is in the front line, due to its strategic location, at the Black Sea and close to the border with Russia.

Romania is in a geographical position that offers it bot advantages and vulnerabilities, and the resources it has can make it a leader in the energy area, an opportunity which NATO should treat very seriously, said Arnold Dupuy, a Pentagon analyst at the conference organized by the Defence and Security Monitor.

Romania, as  an oil and gas producer, has a better situation than other East European states, although it imports important quantities of gas and oil from Russia. Production in Romania is better than in the other countries. The question remains: how can you transport gas through Western Balkans. Finally, Romania has a strong position and is a demonstration for allies that Romania takes this advantage seriously, which is a positive element.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, will not attack NATO because he does not know the way in which the alliance must answer back, said Hans Lothar Domrose, former commander of Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum. He showed that Putin has at least  six elements : Ukraine, the Black Sea, Belarus- it is unites with Belarus there will be a second example of Ukraine, this is realistic, more realistic than an invasion in Finland- Moldova, the Balkans, hypersonic weapons, INF Treaty, Domrose added.