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MECMA's Traicu: Report on Cernavoda unit 2 shutdown to be ready by late next week


A report on the causes for the unexpected shutdown of unit 2 of the Cernavoda nuclear-power plant will be ready by late next week and the unit will be restarted to full capacity on Friday morning, state secretary with the Ministry of Economy, trade and the Business Milieu (MECMA) Rodin Traicu told Agerpres on Thursday.

'The report will be ready late next week; so far, there is a supposition that that a measurement element failed and gave an erroneous reading for the automatics of unit 2. This would have led to the shutdown and consequently to a drop in the energy supplied by the Cernavoda nuclear-power plant to 720 MW. Procedures to restart unit 2 begin this evening after the automatic sequencing is verified. The restart will pose no risk whatsoever, to either the safety and security of energy equipment, the protection against radiation or the safety of the national energy grid. Tomorrow morning, the unit will operate at full capacity,' said Traicu.

The Nuclearelectrica National Nuclear Power Corporation announced unit 2 of the Cernavoda nuclear-power plant shut down unexpectedly on Wednesday at 11:300hrs, EET, and it will be restarted on Friday.

The unit shut down automatically as a result of an automatic rapid closure system having unexpectedly gone up. The causes for the closure are being investigated according to the procedures of the plant.The unit is safely down and it will be restarted as soon as the exact causes behind the malfunction are found.