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Meeting of Ministers Bogdan Aurescu and Peter Szijjarto in Gyula, Hungary


 Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu said on Wednesday that he has spoken with his Hungarian counterpart, Peter Szijjarto, about Transylvania's economic development programme, included, a context in which he stressed the need for transparency, non-discrimination and monitoring mechanisms for the Romanian authorities.

"We have also talked about the conclusion of the agreement on the so-called economic development programme of Transylvania (Ardeal) and we confirmed together what we discussed on other occasions (...), what the parameters around which we will build this agreement are. It is about transparency, it is about non-discrimination, including with regard to the application of this programme throughout Romania, effective monitoring and audit mechanisms in which, obviously, the Romanian authorities are involved, so as to ensure that the law of each country and the European competition law in other areas are fully observed," said the Romanian chief diplomat in a joint conference with his Hungarian counterpart.

Minister Aurescu is on a working visit to Gyula, Hungary on Wednesday, where he had political consultations with Peter Szijjarto and signed a series of documents to develop the bilateral relationship.

The meeting of the ministers Bogdan Aurescu and Peter Szijjarto takes place against the background of the completion of important projects for the bilateral relationship, agreed during the visit to Bucharest of the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs on 18 February 2021.

The two officials inked the Protocol of the eighth session of the Romanian-Hungarian Select Committee on Collaboration on National Minorities.

Aurescu said that this protocol shows "mutual efforts to ensure the identity rights of ethnic Romanians in Hungary, on the one hand, and ethnic Hungarians in Romania, on the other hand".

"(...) I would like to point out that this protocol shows the mutual efforts made to ensure the identity rights of ethnic Romanians, on the one hand, and ethnic Hungarians in Romania. It is a breakthrough, without a doubt, that marks the return to the bilateral approach, which is also the one recommended by the Venice Commission, for example in its report on the preferential treatment of national minorities (...) in 2001," Aurescu said.

The Minister has also signed in Hungary two agreements amending the bilateral legal framework with a view to setting up two border crossing points on cross-border connections, Variasu Mic/Dombegyhaza and Graniceri/Elek [i.e. the Agreement between the Romanian Government and the Hungarian Government on the amendment of the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of Hungary, signed in Bucharest on 21 December 2006 for the implementation of the Convention between Romania and Hungary on Road and Rail Traffic Control, signed in Bucharest on 27 April 2004, as well as the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of Hungary on the amendment of the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of Hungary on road links across the Romanian-Hungarian state border, signed in Bucharest on 24 July 2014].

"We are further stimulating the connections between these countries," he said, referring to the new border crossing points, thanking the Hungarian side for supporting Romania's accession to the Schengen Area.