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MEP Pascu: we must be anchored firmly in the west, in the EU and the NATO

The fundamental interest of Romania and the other countries affected by the deterioration between the EU and Russia is that between the two big centres of power exist ‘ balance and collaboration’ as well as ‘ a firm anchoring’ in the EuroAtlantic structures considers the MEP Ioan Mircea Pascu at a debate with the theme ‘ Four scenarios: EU and the East in 20130. Future relations between the EU, the Russian Federation and the countries in the Eastern Partership’ organised by the Foundation Friedrich-Ebert Romania and the European Institute of Romania.

On the other hand, he stated that ‘ it is useless to expect on the part of Russia to be understanding to EU so that Russia’ is understanding to her own interests only’. In his turn, Leonard Orban, presidential adviser for European Affairs, saying that he speaks in his own name at this event, without representing the ‘presidential administration in any way’ was sceptical about the scenarios presented in the debate.


We are talking about scenarios until 2030 but we don’t know if the conflict in Ukraine goes on, when and where the conflict stops and it is extremely difficult to speak about 2030 as you don’t know what happens tomorrow. I considered the four scenarios defined only from the perspective of what happens in the countries which form PaE and the Russian Federation but not inside the EU as the main issue is the maintenance of the EU unity’ said Orban. In his speech, ambassador Sergiu Celac named the scenarios as ‘ excessively optimistic’ appreciating that in the present context, the best thing for Europe is to be united.


Coming back to the main question, what should EU do and what it should not do, so that the optimistic scenarios become probable, I think the best thing to influence the future is to stay alive,to be united as we are in a military, strategic stage of the new reality of Europe. We don’t have a conflict management, we have people we still die in a war, not in a car accident, in Europe’ Celac said.

That is why it is important for countries such as Romania and other countries to put their cards on the table before the real game starts’ supported the Romanian diplomat.


The social-democrat - PSD deputy Ana Birchall said that at the Summit in Riga the EU states should find ways of revitalising the Eastern Partenership and boost cooperation with the states included in this programme.


The Friedrich-Ebert Romania Foundation (FES) and the European Institute in Romania (IER) organised the debate with the theme ‘ Four scenarios :the EU and the East in 2030.Future relations between the EU, then Russian Federation and the Eastern Parternership’.


The profound crisis in the relations between the EU and the Russian Federation raised questions about the EU policy with regards to the Eastern neighbourhood.What will be the relations between the EU, the Russian Federation and the countries in the Eastern Partnership? Which are the plausible and possible scenarios? In order to find answers to these questions, the Foundation Friedrich-Ebert invited in 2014 a number of 20 experts of 12 countries to draw up together possible roadmaps for the EU and his eastern neighbours. The group made four scenarios presented in a new report FES ‘ The EU and the East in 2030’.


In the debate, there were presented four scenarios in order to identify with the contribution of the participants, the way in which the EU could make the most positive scenarios become reality, and to stop the most negative from becoming a reality.