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MFE sends European Commission first operational programmes for 2014-2020 programming period


The European Funds Ministry (MFE) officially sent to the European Commission by using the electronic communication system - Structural Funds Communication (SFC 2014) - the official versions of three programmes through which Romania will draw European structural and investment funds in the 2014 - 2020 programming period, shows a press release on Thursday.

The Human Capital Operational Programme was sent on August 6, the Competitiveness Operational Programme, on July 28, and the Technical Assistance Operational Programme, on July 25.

'Sending the official versions of three operational programmes of the four that MFE will coordinate in the period 2014 - 2020 represents an important step in drawing the future funding. We are counting on the fast reaction of the European Commission in the case of these programming documents, too. If we receive proposals and suggestions from the Commission, they will help us improve the quality of the documents for an as efficient as possible use of the funds earmarked for our country. At the same time, we are working on the first guide drafts, to be released this autumn,' European Funds Minister Eugen Teodorovici said.

According to the release, the Human Capital Operational Programme has approximately 4.22 billion euros allotted, an amount for funding projects meant to encourage employment and labour force mobility, mainly in the lines of young people and persons placed outside the labour market, promote social inclusion and combat poverty, together with the support for education, the development of competencies and the encouragement of permanent learning.

'Regarding the Competitiveness Operational Programme, it has allotted funds worth approximately 1.33 billion euros, for funding projects supporting the consolidation of research, technological development and innovation, but also the improvement of the use, quality and access to information and communication technologies. For the Technical Assistance Operational Programme we have 221 million earmarked, to fund projects for the horizontal support in using the European structural and investment funds,' MFE informs.

In the 2014 - 2020 programming period, there will be four programmes under the direct coordination of the ministry, namely the Competitiveness Operational Programme, the Technical Assistance Operational Programme, the Human Capital Operational Programme and the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme. The proposal for the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme will be sent to the Commission by the end of August.

The European Commission has recently adopted the 2014 - 2020 Partnership Agreement with Romania, the document presenting the manner in which the European structural and investment funds will be used in the coming period.

In the 2014 -2020 programming period, Romania benefits from European funds worth approximately 43 billion euros, out of which over 22 billion euros are allotted to the cohesion policy.

Within the operational programmes the earmarked amounts are as follows: The Large Infrastructure Operational Programme - 9.41 billion euros, the Regional Operational Programme - 6.7 billion euros, the Human Capital Operational Programme - 4.22 billion euros, the Competitiveness Operational Programme - 1.33 billion euros, the Administrative Capacity Operational Programme - 0.55 billion euros, the Technical Assistance Operational Programme - 0.21 billion euros, direct payments in agriculture - 10 billion euros, the National Programme for Rural Development - 8 billion euros, the Fisheries Operational Programme - 0.17 billion euros, 'Connecting Europe' Facility - 1.23 billion euros, and the amount of 0.45 billion euros was allotted to the territorial cooperation programmes.