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MFP programmed for September loans of 3.99 billion lei from the Banks, similar to the previous month


The ministry of public finances (MFP) planned, in September 2019 loans from the commercial banks of 3.995 billion lei, out of which 200 million lei through an issue of bonds with discount and 3.3 billion lei through seven state bonds issues, plus the sum of 495 million lei through supplimentary issues of non-competitive offers, similar to the bonds bids.The sums are identical to those programmed in August andvthey will be destined to the refinancing of the public debt and the financing of the state budget deficit.

On the 5th of September there was organised a bid for discount treasury bonds, worth 200 million lei, forva period of 364 days. The maturity is 7th September 2020.vSimilarly, the Finances programmed seven benchmark bonds issues with a total worth of 3.3 billion lei,vfollowed the second day by a supplimentary non-competitive offers session, worth 15% of the initialvvalue of the bonds issue (495 million lei as a total).The issues will be of200, 300, 500 (two issues) and 600 million lei (two issues).