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Microsoft launches first laboratory equipped with artificial intelligence at Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Microsoft launched on Tuesday the first laboratory equipped with artificial intelligence within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), thus giving students, professors and researchers at the university access to unlimited computational resources and computing power, according to a release issued on Tuesday .
"The education system is an essential component in the digital transformation landscape, and the launch of the ASE cloud technology laboratory offers the opportunity to experience the latest innovations in information technology and contributes to the development of digital skills among students and professors," the release said.

The users of the laboratory have access to "scalable virtual infrastructures based on the project they are working on, from a processor to a computing power of the order of tens of thousands of processors". According to the Microsoft representatives, students can create and test algorithms for artificial intelligence, machine learning, can simulate any test environment on almost any platform or operating system, store and manage unlimited volumes of data and, last but not least, develop new applications and platforms themselves.

"The private environment must make a priority of talent development and of the strategy for the future workforce. According to an IDC study conducted in 2019, representative of Central and Eastern Europe, 61.5pct of companies consider hiring IT graduates as the most efficient way to attract the necessary digital know-how in an organization. Moreover, access to data and the ability to understand, process and act based on them determines the success of a business. Therefore, a constant investment in the training of digital skills among students, professors and researchers will remain essential for the competitive development of the Romanian society," said Violeta Luca, General Manager of Microsoft Romania.

The "Cloud-Enabled Laboratory" project developed by Microsoft was launched last year by opening the first cloud technology laboratory in Romania at the West University of Timisoara and completes this paradigm by creating a cloud computing laboratory that can answer any need for curriculum or research.

"This year, the initiative was taken further by the opening of the second cloud lab at ASE, characterized by minimal hardware infrastructure consisting of access points to cloud resources and artificial intelligence. It can be successfully used for both carrying out the classical teaching process, for the implementation of research projects as well as for technology start-ups that want to prototype and develop new platforms, having access to the most modern technologies," the release further mentions.