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MiG21-LanceR military pilots haven't flown in long time how much they flew this period


National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa announced on Friday, in Targu Mures (central Romania) that MiG 21 Lancer fighter jets fly sorties every day and that Romanian military pilots haven't flown in a long time how much they've flown in this period.

'Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, measures have been taken by NATO for the supervision of the airspace of NATO border countries and these AWACS planes that are used for electronic surveillance, together with the MApN aviation execute supervisory missions everyday and air-space policing missions. (...) Since the beginning of the crisis, that NATO AWACS plane is in Romanian airspace and our MiG 21 Lancer fighter jets execute missions daily. The military pilots have not flown in a long time how much they've flown in this period', Dusa said.

The minister also said that Romanian airmen will have other exercises with airmen from NATO member states, that in May a new air force exercise, also using F-16 and held in central Turda, together with the United States Air Force is to be held.

Furthermore, said Mircea Dusa, other exercises of the ground forces and of the naval forces in the Black Sea exist, through which 'the training measures are amplified, both of the military forces of Romania and of NATO, in this period'.