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Minister Bolos, about the stage of fulfillment of the milestones in PNRR: The ministries had to fulfill 27 milestones

The minister of investment and European projects, Marcel Bolos, stated on Friday at Victoria Palace that the ministries had to fulfill 27 milestones in the National Resilience and Recovery Plan (PNRR) until 1st July. He said that the process of validation with the European Commission is starting and during this process supplementary information might be required or completion of documents.


The most important objective to achieve is collection of the 10 billion euro, necessary to implement the infrastructure projects, said the minister of investments and European projects.


Bolos said that the minister of environment had a milestone, the minister of energy four, the minister of regional development six, the minister of finances, one, the minister of health three, the minister of justice, one, SGG one, the minister of research and digitization, three, the minister of investments one, the minister of work, one and the minister of education three.


He said that in Q1, there were 24 milestones and for Q3 there are 24 to fulfill: ‘For Q4 there 55 milestones, as it is the last quarter of the year with the biggest importance’.


The minister of investment and European projects wanted to mention that, for 2022, the total of milestones to fulfill is 130.



Monday, July 4, 2022