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Minister Daniel Chitoiu is waiting for a strategic investor who should take over Oltchim


The minister of economy, Daniel Chitoiu stated on Wednesday in Ramnicu Valcea that he waited for a strategic investor who could take over Oltchim SA. ‘From our information, there seem to be investors interested to present bids for the Oltchim, companies in the west, I mean. The two Romanian companies who withdrew their bid will bring it improved tomorrow. On Friday around noon, we will know the name of those who will win the bid from Oltchim’, Chitoiu said.

The minister of economy spoke about the social aid of 1,400 lei the employees of Oltchim will get.

‘Not all employees will get the social aid.Only those with a salary under the gross average salary which is approximately 2,100 lei. As regards the salary debts, they will be paid out of the debts paid by the other companies with debts for Oltchim.’minister Chitoiu said.

Referring to the putting into function of the Oltchim, the minister of economy indicated that moment as being comprised between two and four weeks.

‘I discussed with the leadership of Oltchim which has a plan of gradual restarting the installations. I have to mention that a credit of 20 million euro is necessary which we can get from a bank following a guarantee of the Romanian state with EximBank. But obviously, we will notify the European Commission as well’ he added.

In his turn, the leader of the crisis committee of Oltchim, Corneliu Cernev stated that it is possible to discuss a second plan in the case the privatisation process fails.According to Cernev ‘ they could appeal to the reserve fund of the government.