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Minister Pruna on the tensions in prisons: we are working on identifying solutions


Justice Minister Raluca Pruna said on Wednesday that she would take no decision under pressure given the tensions in prisons, pointing out that, when taking office she inherited a 'collection of papers' and no concrete measures. 

''I assure those in detention that we are working on identifying solutions. There is a responsibility of the entire society (...). Escalating tension will not lead to the adoption of measures. I, as minister, will not take any measure under pressure. We need better measures,'' said Minister Pruna.
She also indicated that the situation in the penitentiary system is ''systemic and serious.''

The inmates in Bistrita prison started on Wednesday afternoon a spontaneous conflict, joining the protests which started in the prisons in the whole country, several inmates getting on the roof of the institution and throwing bottles at the guardians who tried to get closer.

Several inmates managed to get out of their cells and took refuge on the roof, where they protested against the conditions in the prisons. They are helped by the colleagues in the cells receiving bottles and other objects to throw at the forces of order.The guardians are in alert, even those on holiday being called on duty. Several police teams got to the place to enforce order.

According to a press release sent on Wednesday by the penitentiary with semi-open regime Vaslui, the detainees refuse food and started to scan different slogans in the sector for daily walks.

The protest of the detainees in the penitentiary with semi-open regime Vaslui has taken place as a sign of solidarity with the other people deprived of freedom who protest in the prisons all over the country.

The Vaslui penitentiary, inaugurated in 2012 observes the European standards, being one of the most modern institutions of this kind in the country. The rooms have three or four beds, with TVsets and bath rooms. Each level has a canteen and recreation rooms, library and gym.

The National Administration of the penitentiaries announced on Wednesday that until now, out of the 45 detention units in Romania, eight got protests of the detainees, violent manifestations being in Botosani penitentiary, in the rest of the prisons the inmates protesting by refusing food.