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Modular containers, bottled water, canned goods, beds in support of flood-hit population


The National Administration of State Reserves and Special Problems (ANRSPS) distributed to local authorities in the areas of Alba county (center-western Romania), affected by the flooding of the last few days, in order to support the suffering local population, several modular constructions, thousands of canned goods, hundreds of beds with bedding and blankets, bottled water and 35 tons of diesel fuel.

Furthermore, the ANRSPS kicked off the distribution of the following goods to the flood- and landslide-hit population around the town of Campeni and the villages of Ocolis, Rosia Montana and Sohodol: 35,000 liters of diesel fuel, 8,500 liters of bottled water, 8 modular constructions, 260 beds with bedding, 520 blankets, 6,500 canned goods.


On Tuesday, the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued new Code Yellow and Code Orange alerts of heavy rains, as well as an information of atmospheric instability, to gradually hit the entire country, until Wednesday evening.

According to meteorologists, between July 20, 10 am and July 21, 3 am, a Code Yellow of bad weather will be in force in most parts of the country. There will be heavy rainfalls, lightning, strong winds and, in some small areas, storms and hail. For short amounts of time or by accumulation, the quantities of water will exceed locally 20 - 30 l/sqm and even 40 l/sqm.

At the same time, in the south-eastern part of the country, the thermal discomfort will remain high, and in the evening and at night in some small areas there will be atmospheric instability.

Also, between July 20, 10 am - July 21, 3 am, there will be in force a Code Orange for showers in most of Moldova, Transylvania, Maramures and the mountainous area. In these areas, there will be electric discharges, storms and hail, and for short amounts of time or by accumulation the water will reach 35 - 50 l/sqm and even 60 - 80 l/sqm, in some small areas.

According to the same source, on Wednesday, between 3 am and 10 pm, a weather information of temporarily accentuated atmospheric instability will be in force, especially in the afternoon and evening, locally in the mountainous area, as well as in the north-eastern, central and south-eastern parts of the country.

Thus, heavy rainfalls, electric discharges, strong winds there will be seen in the entire country, and storms and hail, in some small areas.

At the same time, for short amounts of time or by accumulation, the quantities of water will exceed 20 - 30 l/sqm, locally, and even 40 - 45 l/sqm in some small areas.


Minister of Internal Affairs Lucian Bode said that two people from the northern Satu Mare County and the north-eastern Iasi County have died as a result of the extreme weather and of the floods that hit these regions and urged the prefects to organize a "quick, efficient" response and an "exemplary mobilization" to promptly come to the support of the communities in distress, emphasizing that the danger has not yet passed.