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Motion of no-confidence, defeated


A motion of no-confidence tabled by the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) and called "Failed Romania: The 'fabulous' record of the Citu government" was defeated on Tuesday at a joint plenary sitting of Parliament.

The total number of MPs who voted for the motion was 202, of which 201 voted "for" and one "against".

In order for the motion to succeed, 234 ayes would have been needed, which is half plus one of the total number of seats.


On Tuesday, PSD (Social Democratic Party) leader Marcel Ciolacu asked prime Minister Florin Citu "to come back to earth" and stop the "madness of loans," in order not to create other "generations of sacrifice."

"Mr Orban, you lost the election again. No matter how you try to turn this around, 17 is bigger than 15, just as PSD is better than your whole coalition of losers. Mr Orban, your colleagues are also right to demand your resignation. How many elections you must lose before you go? And we are also right (...) Mr Barna, I am only talking to you, because Mr Ciolos is looking for the man who can give birth. After Sunday, I believe you that you don't know your name even when you are holding your ID, but be optimistic, you have a real potential for growth, like your colleague Ghinea zero, cause only zero separates you from the infinity to the sky Mr Citu, you still have the audacity to sit there and tell the Romanians how good their life is? How great is that their children did not have their allowances increases, how well are the pensioners doing without having their pensions increased? Tell the millions of Romanians paid with the minimum wage how well they live on two lei more a day. (.. .) Mr Citu, your arrogance does not help, on the contrary, look at the history of the colleagues whose president you want to be, the whole gang of the former PD [Democratic Party - editor's note] behind you have burst into arrogance and lost. Come back to earth, stop the madness of loans. There are so many generations of sacrifice. Do not create more," Ciolacu told the joint plenary sitting of Parliament at the debate on the censure motion.

He added that each newborn in Romania will pay 2,500 euros for the loans contracted by the Government. 


În turn, Prime Minister Florin Citu declared on Tuesday, during the debates on the censure motion, that the current Government has allocated record amounts for investments, at the level of the last ten years, and that this amount would be by 3.9 billion lei higher than in 2020 and 7.3 billion lei higher than in 2019.

"We have allocated to the budget the largest amount in the last 10 years: 61.4 billion lei or 5.5% of GDP, as you want. And so we will continue. There are record amounts, and the clear difference from PSD is that we not only allocate this money in the budget, we invest it, and at every budget rectification we do not cut it, as you cut it, for the money to go to the PSD barons. We continue with investments. In 2021 compared to 2020, after five months, the investments in the economy are already by 3.9 billion lei higher, almost one billion euros already. Compared to 2019, when you were in power, by 7.3 billion lei higher, already invested," Citu said in the joint plenary sitting of Parliament.

According to the prime minister, the 76 billion euros from PNRR and other European funds, to which will be added "at least" 98 billion euros from the state budget, will go into investments by 2028.

He invoked Eurostat data, according to which in Romania there is the cheapest food in the European Union, and mentioned that this will lead to an increase in consumption.

According to the prime minister, Romania is registering "the fastest economic recovery in history," following the biggest economic crisis in the last hundred years.

The chief of the Executive recalled that the government had kept its promise not to raise taxes. He also said that budget revenues have increased as a result of voluntary compliance.

On the other hand, Florin Citu reproached the social democrats for doing "everything possible to block" vaccination.