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NATO land, air, sea military presence to increase in Alliance eastern part, Romania included

Romanian President Traian Basescu said at the presidential Cotroceni Palace late on Sunday that according to a decision made by NATO Summit in Wales, the land, air and sea military presence of the Alliance will increase in its eastern part, Romania included.

He stressed that Romania, following the summit meeting, will be defended in the event of an aggression by the Russian Federation, 'in any scenario' and that U.S. President Barack Obama told the Wales gathering that the U.S. forces will be present in the Black Sea, where they will take part in exercises alongside the Romanian and Bulgarian forces.

As regards NATO forces' presence in the allied countries in the future, Basescu said one of the objectives of such an action is to boost the response capability in the face of possible aggression.

'We know how much it will be boosted according to plan, but in the declaration it is said it will boost significantly, which will happen by the contribution of the member states. The objective of the Alliance, since it is to this end that the response capability is increased, is to give a rapid response to the new security threats and it must answer Russia's challenges and their strategic implications', he explained.

The Romanian leader added Russia's aggression against Ukraine 'has put NATO member states on major alert'.

'The measures in the action plan generate a significant and continuous military presence on air, land, sea and by special troops. Which means that the number of NATO forces' military will increase in the Romanian territory too. Not explosively, but in order to prepare a possible massive arrival of the military from other states in the Romania territory in the situations of aggression, that is why the level of the military's presence will have to increase... Therefore, the signal sent by the Russian Federation by its attack, its aggression against Ukraine has put NATO member states on major alert. To this end, as written in the declaration, there will be placed elements of infrastructure, military equipment, ammunition, supplies in the territory of the states, therefore in the Romanian territory included, in the period immediately ahead so that the troops' arrival should find here military hardware and supplies and everything the military need', he underscored.

The president called the Black Sea area one of a 'major sensitiveness', where Romania does not have enough capabilities to cope with a possible aggression of the Russian fleet from Sevastopol.

With respect to NATO command in Romania, Basescu said: 'It is not the command that is the key to guaranteeing our security. Only in the event of war will it have the role to lead the fight too /.../ Romania has made the command infrastructure available for when it is ready, in February, when the analyses are completed, when decisions are made. Therefore, we have all that we need to support such a command'.


After Newport summit, Romania too has contingency, action plans in case it is attacked


President Traian Basescu on Sunday said in a statement at the presidential Cotroceni Palace that after the NATO summit in Newport, Romania too will have a plan of contingency and action plans in case of some attack by land, air or water.

The president reminded that Romania and Bulgaria, unlike Poland and the Baltic states or Turkey which do have such contingency and action plans in case they would become targets of some attacks, din not have such measures taken because they were seen as 'countries outside the risk of military attack'.

'The modification after this summit is that Romania too has now a contingency plan, an action plan if attacked. These scenarios aim at the variant of Romania being attacked by sea, by land, by air, and the action plan is giving the solutions of defending Romania next to its military forces', the president said.

He underlined that the allied countries will cover, based on the principle of solidarity, the costs of a military defence operation of Romania, as much as our country has supported the costs of its troops' presence in Afghanistan.

'Romania is currently, following the decisions of this summit, a country which will be defended in any scenario if attacked. In the shortest time, the NATO and the national military structures should elaborate the availability of forces within the Alliance for Romania to be defended in any of the scenarios it would be attacked or its territorial integrity and sovereignty could be affected', president Basescu added.

He said the arguments brought by Romania to get these response plans were some old, yet some new, starting from the chain of frozen conflicts around the Black Sea which are 'under Russia's control and could be reheated', continuing with the Russian fleet's presence at Sevastopol, which holds amphibious ships too which could get to the Romania shores in six hours, but also the developments in Ukraine which 'were a remarkable argument that the Russian Federation could unfurl irrational actions'.

Basescu underlined that 99.99% percent of an attack of the Russian Federation against Romania could not happen, yet one must consider that 0.01 percent.

'As a chief of state I have no right not to consider this situation of irrationality ', he stated, adding that another argument regarding the elaboration of these plans is also the 'Novorussia concept' which he didn't use in his argumentation at the NATO summit, although he had stated it previously on other occasions, and now it has been confirmed by a separatists' leader from southeastern Ukraine who said their goal is to reach the Romanian border.