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Nicolescu: we have no guarantees that Russia will not reduce the gas deliveries

The minister delegated for Energy Razvan Nicolescu discussed with the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Romania, Oleg Malginov, about the reduction of the gas imports in September, then announcing that ‚ the fact that the situation will not continue in the same register was not confirmed’.

The meeting between Nicolescu and Malginov took place on Tuesday at the headquarters of the Department for Energy.


The Russian group Gazprom reduced, in the first part of September the volumes of gas delivered to some companies of Romania, without offering any explanation. The Russian gas imports are extremely reduced during this period, and Romania has sufficient reserves for the winter period.


The Department for Energy mentions that in the last period the Office Gazprom in Sofia announced several times the reduction of the gas deliveries to Romania, but according to the centralised data by Transgaz one intention of this kind materialised and was an effective diminution of the deliveries.

I expressed the hope that the recent conclusions to the discussions between the European Commission, Ukraine and Russia will be observed by all parties’ Nicolescu stated in the press release.


During the discussion which took place on Friday, Russia and the European Commission expressed their support for a ‚winter plan’, a package of measures which could be valid until the end of March, with the purpose of reducing the risks connected to the tranzit of Russian gas to Europe.