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Nicusor Dan (USB) : We cross out any alliance with PNL as it is today

The leader of the Union Save Bucharest (USB) Nicusor Dan stated that, in the perspective of general elections he excludes any alliance to ‘ PNL as it is today’.

Asked if he made an alliance with liberal party (PNL) led by premier Dacian Ciolos, Nicusor Dan said’ It is very far to that moment, I wouldn’t like to answer this question. It is an hypothesis, but..’.

Clotilde Armand intervened, seeming open to that kind of scenario’ It would be a very good direction, but we don’t know….I believe in his sincerity, I think he is an honest man’.

As regards the performance of president Klaus Iohannis, NicusorDan said that, immediately after he got his mandate, he said that the only means of imposing to the parties things that they wouldn’t want to do is to force public debate widely broadcast so that it is very clear which is the desire of the society, and the parties assume things they normally do not assume by conservation.

‘Klaus Iohannis did not take part in this debate. He made the error to discuss with the parties behind closed doors and then he saw, he lost his main asset – the trust of the people (…). Klaus Iohannis stepped down from the stage, slowly very slowly he has no longer the upper hand over the political parties’ Nicusor Dan said.

Nicusor Dan stated on Sunday in a TV show that he intended that the future USRC to get 10% in the parliamentary elections and said that, when they were set up, there will be internal elections for the leadership of the party and he would step back if Clotilde Armand were appreciated by the world.

‘Strictly formal we will have a fusion between USB and USR ( Uniunea Salvati Romania) and we will have elections procedure, we will decide then’ the USB leader said when asked on Digi 24 if the future party will be led by himself or Clotilde Armand.

Nicusor Dan said that starting 97-98 when he had a politics seminar in Paris he wished to push forward young people to get into politics and he would go back to mathematics. ‘ I would be very happy to have so many people that I could get back to mathematics.If the people appreciate Clotilde more, any second I step back’ he commented, asked if he felt put into shadow by the former candidate of USB for the sector 1.

Present in the same show, Clotilde Armand said that, when referring to a possible candidature to the head of USR she did not want anything for herself, but if Nicusor Dan requires it, she will get the leadership of the party.

‘We don’t propose to have branches in all cities and communes of Romania, but only there where people want to change. It is ureasonable to think we can do it, to invent people everywhere (…). For the moment, I think we are an answer to a necessity of the society, there is a disappointed public by everything the political class has done until now, it is true it is rather urban’ Dan said.

About 300 persons have gathered in the University Square on Saturday afternoon, to ask for the recount of the votes cast in the local elections for the Capital's District 1. 

"It doesn't seem fair knowing that my vote isn't rightly counted and this is what the democratic process should be. We are not in a participatory democracy where we can decide all laws. We can decide on very few things. If this process itself is not a valid one, I don't know how we could still trust the state institutions," said Florin Badita, one of the organisers who launched the protest announcement on Facebook. 

The Save Bucharest Union (USB) leaders have not come to the protest yet. The USB has also promoted the call on organising the action of the University Square. 

Writer Gabriel Liiceanu was among the protesters.