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Number of job vacancies goes up to 47,300 in Q3

- In the third quarter 2021, the number of job vacancies was 47.3 thousand, increasing by 7.7 thousand as against the previous quarter.

- The job vacancies rate1 was 0.95%, increasing by 0.15 percentage points as against the previous quarter.

- By comparison with the same quarter 2020, the job vacancies rate increased by 0.14 percentage points and the number of job vacancies increased by 7.9 thousand.


 Job vacancies in Q3 2021 stood at 47,300, by 7,700 more than in the previous quarter, according to data released on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The job vacancy rate in Q3 was 0.95 percent, up 0.15 percentage points from the previous quarter and 0.14 percentage points higher YoY, as the number of vacancies increased by 7,900 from the prior year period.

According to the INS, the job vacancy rate was highest in public administration (2.05 percent), entertainment, cultural and leisure activities (1.81 percent), health and social assistance (1.71 percent).

The manufacturing industry provided for more than one fifth of the total number of vacancies (10,200), with a vacancy rate of 0.94 percent.

The public sector accounted for slightly less than one third of the total number of job vacancies, most of which them in health and social assistance - 6,200, public administration - 5,700 and education - 2,800.

At the opposite end, the sectors with the lowest vacancy rate were the mining industry (0.16 percent each), real estate transactions (0.18 percent), and other services (0.21 percent).

Job vacancies were the fewest in real estate transactions (30), the mining industry and support services (100 each).

Both the vacancy rate and the number of job vacancies were up compared to the previous quarter, with the most significant vacancy rate increases recorded in education (+0.57 percent), the manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail trade; the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, financial intermediation and insurance (+0.21 percentage points for each).

The sectors with the most important increases in the number of vacancies were the manufacturing industry (2,200 vacancies), education (1,900), wholesale and retail trade; the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (1,700).

The vacancy rate dropped significantly in real estate transactions (-0.18 percentage points), information and communications (-0.15 percentage points) and the mining industry (-0.10 percentage points), with information and communication activities seeing the most significant decrease in the number of vacancies - 200.