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NYT: Dragnea – Trump meeting part of top fundraiser Elliott Broidy’s attempts to obtain foreign contracts for his defense company by peddling access to Trump


Elliott Broidy, a top fund-raiser for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, allegedly suggested to clients and prospective customers of his defense contracting company, Circinus, that he could broker meetings with Mr Trump and people close to him, after he was elected president, the New York Times reports.(https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/25/us/politics/elliott-broidy-trump-access-circinus-lobbying.html)

Trump had vowed to “drain the swamp”, including various forms of access peddling such as the kind Broidy is accused of doing. After Trump’s election, Broidy’s business took off as Circinus won lucrative contracts from around the world.

The NYT got hundreds of pages of Broidy’s emails, proposals and contracts from an anonymous group, which show that as a vice chairman of the finance committee for Trump’s inauguration, he arranged invitations to parties for foreign leaders with whom Circinus worked to sign contracts potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Among other favours for foreign officials, Broidy arranged an invitation to a party at Mr Trump’s Washington hotel for “a Romanian parliamentarian facing corruption charges” – Liviu Dragnea, PSD president and leader of the Chamber of Deputies.

For months after the inauguration party attended by Liviu Dragnea, Circinus continued pitching the Romanian government partly on the access it would provide to Mr Trump, according to a NYT source in Romania.

Circinus has not yet obtained any contracts from Romania, but the company entered into an agreement last month with a Romanian government-owned defense company that “appears to give the inside track for contracts valued at more than USD 200 million”.

În addition, newsweek.com says that TRUMP FUNDRAISER ASKED TOP CONGRESSMAN FOR HELP WITH ROMANIAN DEFENSE CONTRACT, EMAILS SHOW: A top fundraiser for President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee asked the head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee last year to help his defense company win a lucrative contract in Romania, according to emails and documents obtained by Newsweek.

Venture capitalist manager Elliott Broidy, owner of space and defense firm Circinus, went so far as to work with executives of his company to draft letters in the name of U.S. Representative Ed Royce, a Republican from California, the documents suggest. The emails were designed to promote the firm to high-ranking Romanian officials following the congressman’s trip there in August 2017.

Emails shared with Newsweek appear to show a Circinus employee drafting a letter to Romania’s economic minister on Royce’s behalf. In the letter, the congressman supposedly praises the welcome he received from Romanian officials during his visit as “outstanding” and said the U.S. government is “happy” to see Romania make “significant investment” in its defense industry. ( Read more on http://www.newsweek.com/trump-fundraiser-congressman-defense-contract-861111)

But Dragnea on Monday denied that his presence at the Donald Trump's swearing-in ceremony in the USA, in early 2017, had anything to do with businessman Elliott Broidy, as the New York Times claimed. "I haven't been at the two ministries with Mr. Broidy. It was someone else. You can ask the ministers. (...) My visit to the US has nothing to do with those agreements," Dragnea stated in Parliament quoted by the Romanian media. He also specified that he found out "from the mass media" about Elliott Broidy's partnerships with the ministries.