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Official Arafat: Romania does not consider quarantining unvaccinated persons

The head of the Emergency Situations Department, Raed Arafat, said on Friday that quarantine of unvaccinated people or the imposition of compulsory vaccination are not being considered at this time.

"At the moment, at the level of the CNSU (National Committee for Emergency Situations), at the level of the committees we work with, there is no such approach in Romania. There are, indeed, Austria and other countries that discuss about imposing certain things, and there are states which started implementing some measures, some tougher ones, once they were faced with increasing number of cases. At this point, we are implementing the same measures that we have implemented until now - and we have seen a decrease in the number of cases - and it was certainly because of these measures and maybe the population has become more careful as well... Plus, we have to admit that a number of people have been vaccinated, even if it is not the number we wanted, but there were still one million people who have vaccinated in the recent period. Therefore, at this point, there has been no discussion on either making vaccination mandatory or creating a non-vaccine lockdown," the secretary of state with the Ministry of Interior told a press conference held at the headquarters of the National Centre for the Coordination and Management of Intervention.

In his turn, the secretary of state with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu stated that the context in which the respective countries imposed such measures must also be taken into account. In this sense, he specified that in the states that have increased the rigor of the measures, the epidemiological situation is "significantly more difficult than the one a few weeks ago."

"In order to protect those who are not infected, they have imposed these epidemiological measures. (...) They have experts who analyze the situation and propose the measures with the best impact to protect the health of the population," said Andrei Baciu.