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OLX analysis: Labor market revival in the summer of 2022


* The interest of the Romanians for a workplace has increased this summer

After two years of pandemics, the work market in Romania is boosting, in the context where the organisations start to take back their investment budgets and the development plans, including the recruitment ones. At the same time, the Romanians are more and more interested to get a work place, especially during summertime.

The data of the OLX platform show the increase of the number of available workplaces, starting with April this year. At the same time, there is also an increase of the number of searches made by thosew who want to get hired, as well as an advance compared to the similar period of 2021,both as regards the number of jobs and searches.

The national statistics show that from month to month one can see an increasing number of job offers available for Romanians looking for a job. In parallel, the number of officially registered unemployed is also decreasing. Thus, according to the Ministry of Labor, if in January 2022 there were about 234.000 unemployed and the unemployment rate was 2,68%, in May there were only 222.600 unemployed, with an unemployment rate of 2,55%.

Top five industries most wanted by those who want a job this summer

The first five most wanted domains, where applicants had 880,000 searches for available work places, between April and June with 100,000 more than during the same period of 2021.

Thus, the field most Romanians wanted to engage in was “Drivers – Auto services – Courier”, with a total of about 320.000 searches in the second quarter of 2022. An increased interest was also in the available jobs in the field of “hotel staff – restaurant”, where there were about 213.000 searches in April-June, followed by the category “engineers – craftsmen – builders”, with 126.000 searches. There were also job offers in the category “production – warehouse – logistics workers”, in which there were about 124.000 searches in the mentioned interval, as well as jobs available in the section “other jobs” – about 98.000 searches.

Top five industries with the most wanted workplaces in April – June 2022

Analysing the activity of the employers who recruit through the OLX platform, there is between April and June 2022 in all domains of activity an increase in the number of available jobs as summer time gets closer, tens of jobs being at the disposal of those who want to work over summer.

Some of these areas have recorded the most job offers ads. In the top of the list was the “production – warehouse – logistics workers” category, in which employers published 22.500 job announcements in the three months, followed by “hotel staff – restaurant”, In which more than 14.100 job and “Drivers – Auto services – Courier” announcements were available, where candidates could choose from a total of 13.900 ads. The fourth place was the “other jobs” category, in which employers published about 13.300 ads, followed by the “Engineers – craftsmen – builders” domain – 10.800 job announcements.

Top five industries with the least job offers between April and June 2022

At the other end, in the second quarter of this year, the fewest offers for employment were available on the OLX platform for ‘Internship – temporary work – seasonal’ where between April and June were published only 279 announcements. A small number of available jobs were in the domain of ‘ Human Resources’ where the employers published 376 announcements with jobs, during the three months as well as in the category ‘ Marketing – PR – Media ‘with 381 announcements, ‘ Events and entertainment’ with 382 places, ‘ IT – Telecommunications’- 423 announcements.

The top five highest salaries offered by employers

The highest salaries offered by employers in the second quarter of the year, through the OLX platform, for those interested in engaging with the arrival of the warm season, range between 13.000 lei and over 400.000 lei per month.

Thus, the top remuneration of over 410.000 lei per month was put up for an influencer position and is 10 times higher than the next one in the ranking, as a mechanic in Germany, for which the company offers 41.000 lei per month. The podium is completed by a job announcement for the position of professional driver, with a salary of 25.000 lei per month.

Another professional driver recruitment announcement, with a monthly remuneration of 13.600 lei, enters the top, and the fifth place is occupied by an announcement for the sales team leader position, for which an organization is willing to offer 11.400 lei monthly.