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Opinion poll: Over 39 pc of Romanians to go to polls on May 26


Over 39 percent of Romanians say they will go to polls on May 26 „fore sure”, reads Romania’s Public Opinion Barometer launched on Monday. This percentage means a 7 pc turnout increase as against 2014.

Like previous recent opinion polls, the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the main Opposition party, National Liberal Party (PNL) are going hand-in-hand in terms of voters’ preferences, with close scores.

Therefore, among the respondents who answered they will go to vote for sure at the end of this month, for the European elections, 26.4% would vote for PSD, while 26.1% would vote for PNL. USR-PLUS Alliance 2020 comes third, with 20.1%, Pro Romania ranks fourth-8.5% and ALDE-fifth, with 8.2%. UDMR would obtain only 4 pc and PMP 3.5 pc.

On the upcoming presidential elections, Klaus Iohannis is ranking first, with 45.8% of the votes, followed by Calin Popescu Tariceanu (ALDE) – 18%, Liviu Dragnea (PSD) – 14,3%, Dacian Ciolos (USR ?i PLUS) – 9,9%.

Questioned for whom they would opt in the runoffs if they had to choose between Klaus Iohannis (endorsed by PNL, USR and PLUS) and Liviu Dragnea (backed by PSD, ALDE), 41.6% of the respondents would vote for the current president, and only 18% would favor PSD chairman.

In case Klaus Iohannis (PNL, USR, PLUS) faced Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (PSD, ALDE) in the runoffs, 38,1% would elect Iohannis and 26% Tariceanu. 19,6% say are undecided, 9% argue they will not go to polls, and 7,2% don’t know/don’t answer.

If Iohannis faced PLUS chair, Dacian Ciolos in the runoffs, the first would obtain 33.7% and the second 14.6%. 29.8% would be undecided, 13.7 would not go to vote and 8.2% don’t know/don’t answer.

Regarding the referendum on justice, which is held at the same time with the EP elections on May 26, 59% of the respondents agreed with President Iohannis for calling such an initiative, while 23.8% didn’t agree.

According to this barometer, President Klaus Iohannis is the public personality who enjoys the highest confidence among voters, ranking first with 41 pc. Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea rank second, 25.2%, while central bank governor Mugur Isarescu comes third. Ex-PM Victor Ponta ranks fourth, Calin Popescu Tariceanu fifth and PLUS chairman, Dacian Ciolos, follows. Only 12.88 % of the respondents have confidence in Liviu Dragnea and 8.7% in PM Viorica Dancila.

In terms of confidence in the Romanian state institutions, the Army, the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Romanian Academy are enjoying most of the confidence, followed by the Police. NATO (56.1%) and the European Union (55.3%) are the international bodies mostly trusted by the Romanian respondents.

On the other hand, 74.% of the Romanians consider things are going into a wrong direction in the country, a similar opinion also voiced two years ago.

54.7% of the respondents believe things are on a right path in Europe, 30.6% consider it is a wrong direction.

The barometer’s authors explained that the perception saying that things are going on the right direction in Europe is on the rise, which is an interesting stance considering the growing skepticism inside EU.

Among the issues that are mostly preoccupying the Romanians there are the level of corruption, the income gap between rich and poor and the environment.

The barometer was conducted by the Romanian Academy, LARICS and „Ion C. Bratianu” Institute for Political Studies and International Relations of the Romanian Academy on 1,050 respondents during April 12-May 3.

Starting this year, the Romanian Academy will launch the Romanian Public Opinion Barometer in two editions, in spring and autumn.