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Opposition Files No-Confidence Motion Against Romanian Government

Romanian parliamentary opposition parties filed on Friday a no-confidence motion against the Government, with the signatures of 163 MPs. The debate and vote of the motion will take place next week.

Opposition parties PNL, USR and PMP filed the motion, titled “No More! The Dragnea-Dancila Government, Romania’s shame,” in which it criticizes the government for its recent judicial bills, but also for not respecting its own government program.

The opposition accuses the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition Government of endangering judicial independence through recent amendments, of delaying all of its commitments in the government program until after 2021 and that it changed its composition multiple times due to incompetency.

“Although in the PSD-ALDE governments there were more than 70 ministers, in less than two years, the quality of the act of governing constantly decreased, from one government to another, with the effects seen in economy, education, in the health system or in the modernization of the country, which could have been made with billions of euro from free EU funds,” reads the text of the motion.

The opposition parties also reminded of the violent repression at the anti-government protest in Bucharest on August 10 and criticized Interior Minister Carmen Dan, as well as the poor handling of the African swine fever epidemic by agriculture minister Petre Daea.

“Carmen Dan, a minister who at midnight guided water cannons, batons and tear gas against peaceful Romanian citizens, against children and mothers, which the police and gendarmerie were supposed to protect, not gas and brutalize, is a commendable minister in your opinion,” the opposition parties wrote.

“Petre Daea, the mortician of Romanian stockbreeding, who visits fairs and tastes jerky and mash, while thousands of families are left without pigs for Christmas, is the expression of PSD competence,” they add.

The combined standing bureaus of the Romanian Parliament will have to set a schedule for the debate and vote of the motion, which must happen over the next week. The vote will most probably be scheduled for Thursday.

The leaders of the parties behind the motion announced earlier in the week that they will file the motion on Friday, so that its debate would span most of the following week.

According to Romanian law, one no-confidence motion can be filed per parliamentary session. A previous no-confidence motion against the Viorica Dancila Government failed to gain the necessary support in July.

 President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated that the censure motion represents an important test for both Opposition and Power and it would be "really strange" for this instrument to be yielded.

"The censure motion is the main instrument of the Opposition in Parliament. It would even be strange for this instrument to be yielded. They have the right to file a censure motion once per session and they will do it. It's an important test for the Opposition and for the Power," said Iohannis.

The censure motion initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Save Romania Union (USR) and People's Movement Party (PMP) was submitted to Parliament on Friday.