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Opposition: Nomination of Rovana Plumb for European Commissioner to embarrass Romania in the European Parliament

PNL (National Liberal Party - opposition) leader Ludovic Orban demanded Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to withdraw nomination of Rovana Plumb for European Commissioner, in order "not to embarrass Romania in the European Parliament."

"This is the last minute when Prime Minister Viorica Dancila can still do something! She can still withdraw the proposal she made for European Commissioner, namely Rovana Plumb, so that Romania will not be embarrassed in the European Parliament. I demand the current Prime Minister to come up with a new proposal for this office, which should respect the integrity and professionalism criteria agreed at European level, in the context in which the current nomination is more than likely to be rejected by the European Parliament," showed a press release of the PNL sent on Monday.

"Given the circumstances, the proposals sent to the European Parliament do not have the value of a political decision, but they are only the official communication of the proposals made by each country. More than that, the decision of the President of the European Commission was to sent all the proposals made by the member states and to refuse no candidate, as she considered the decision belonged to the European Parliament and the committees of the European Parliament," showed the PNL head.

He mentioned that the European People's Party, a political family belonging to the National Liberal Party, have always showed zero tolerance for any such action meant to block the functioning of justice and for any person who was involved in such discussions.

"We bring to mind the fact that Rovana Plumb has serious integrity problems after blocking the DNA [National Anticorruption Directorate] investigation, and implicitly the possibility to be judged, hiding thus behind the parliamentary majority of the PSD. She considered that a person's innocence can be established by a political vote in the Romanian Parliament, and she used parliamentary immunity instead of facing the court. The only solution to prevent the embarrassment for Romania in the European Parliament is for the Romanian Government to withdraw the candidacy of Rovana Plumb," pointed out Orban.

National leader of the opposition PLUS party Dacian Ciolos said on Monday that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila "is working against Romania's interest," for having proposed Rovana Plumb for European commissioner.

"We have already warned about this risk that Mrs Dancila has taken up and she will have to own it to the end and also take responsibility for the risk of seeing Mrs Rovana Plumb rejected after hearings in the European Parliament and for the obligation to replace her. She had been told to replace her, to think about it; she did not want, and she insisted on being Rovana Plumb being her pick (...) There are issues of integrity and credibility plaguing Mrs Rovana Plumb (...) She will have to provide explanations about the Belina case file and what she did at the Ministry of the Environment and how she did or did not support [indicted former national leader of the Social Democratic Party ] Liviu Dragnea (...) The one who works against the interest of Romania is Mrs Rovana Plumb and especially Mrs Viorica Dancila, because she recommended Mrs Rovana Plumb, not those who have reported the problems," Ciolos said at a news conference.

He mentioned having had a phone conversation with Dancila a few weeks ago when he explained the risks to her. National leader of the Save Romania Union (USR), PLUS's political alliance partner, Dan Barna said Plumb's nomination is "shameful to Romania." "It puts us in an embarrassing position when our candidate will be rejected," Barna added.