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Orban : PNL has lost trust massively : the political crisis casts doubt about the governing


The Liberal party’s ( PNL – at arule) chairman, Ludovic Orban stated on Saturday that the party ‘has lost trust massively’ and after 30th May, inside the party, there has started a ‘very tough’ fight, with instruments which ‘are not specific to the democracy’.

Until 30th May, things worked fine. PNL was stable, with a score 26-27%. The perception on PNL was a good perception and PNL had a significant potential for growth. Anybody with some objectivity knows that. Unfortunately, after 30th May, a competition started in PNL which changed, in a very tough fight, a fight  between the two parts which were involved in the competition and which did not hesitate to use instruments which are not specific to the democracy and PNL’ said Orban, in the National PNL council.

He showed that not only trust in PNL dropped but in the premier as well and in the government, but he does not want to make these data public.

The reality is that PNL today lost trust massively, that only 15% of the Romanians still consider that Romania goes in the right direction. Trust in the government and in the premier, I would rather not make it public, but you all can feel this, in the day-to-day life, when talking to people, when communicating with people, directly, on the social media, or evaluating the PNL perception by the Romanians in an objective way’ the liberal leader said.


Orban said that it is important that, during the PNL Congress, every delegate ‘uses   his own analysis system’ and takes decisions freely, taking into account the party’s interest only.

Due to decisions which were not taken with my agreement, we got into a political crisis which places under question the governing by PNL’ he said.

According to Ludovic Orban, the person to be elected PNL chairman must bring back the unity of the party, the trust of the citizens in PNL and have the capacity to remake the parliamentary majority which could support the government and the promised reforms.

This is what we have to do. Without whims, without artificially created crises, without any tolerance to our enemy, PSD. Today we have voted in the National Political Bureau a resolution which strongly rejects any form of agreement, compromise with PSD’ the liberal leader said.

Orban expressed his conviction that PNL did not win the parliamentary elections because the party assumed governing during ‘the most difficult period that Romania and the civilised world had after the second world war’. Taking into consideration this context, Ludovic Orban considers that the score obtained by the liberals ‘was rather a success than a failure’.