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Orban: Romania may receive compensation for expenses of 650 million euros from EU for anti-Covid measures adopted

Premier Ludovic Orban announced on Tuesday that Romania may receive from EU compensation for expenses of 350 million euros for measures adopted in the fight against Covid 19, and 300 million euros for economic decisions made during the emergency and alert states, such as technical unemployment and support compensation.

“By increasing the flexibility of funds, we were given the possibility to receive compensation  of 350 million euros for Covid  expenses. Over 20 financing compensation applications have been made by the Health Ministry, or  local authorities, or hospitals. Applications will be processed and authorities will establish whether they are legal,” Orban said.

He mentioned that most payments would be made for applications made by the Health Ministry.

“The Ministry for European Funds will process applications so we could be able to compensate the expenses made. The largest amounts will be paid to the Health Ministry which paid expenses for quarantine accommodations or those for physicians made by local authorities, expenses for vulnerable people kept in isolation at home,”the premier explained.

Orban also said Romania can receive from EU 300 million euros for economic measures adopted, such as technical unemployment and support compensations.