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Over 10,000 war crimes cases in Ukraine: Police officers from other European countries participate in investigations

The number of cases of war crimes on the territory of Ukraine has exceeded 10,000, said the head of the National Police of Ukraine, General Ihor Klymenko, the Agerpres special correspondent reports.

According to him, Ukrainian investigators of war crimes have been joined by police officers from several European countries.

"So far, the National Police of Ukraine has registered 10,800 investigations. As for the Kyiv region, a large number of war crimes have indeed been discovered and, together with the prosecutor's office, our forensic officers are investigating. We involved in this labour our colleagues from foreign countries, such as Poland, Lithuania and France. Together we must show details and investigate any war crime, so no doubts come up when the investigations are sent to courts," Klymenko said.

He pointed out that the National Police of Ukraine had withdrawn their police force from the areas under Russian army occupation.

"In the occupied territories, the police, where possible, withdrew their personnel because there were attempts to engage our police officers in the occupiers' newly created police. I can tell you that our police officers have renounced in order to stay out of danger. Where we did not manage to evacuate them in time, due to objective factors, they took refuge on their own," said the head of the National Police of Ukraine.