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Over 18 million visitors to Romania's museums and public collections in 2019


In 2019:

- libraries lent, on average, 11 volumes/year to each active user1 , the same as in 2018;

- approximately 18.2 million persons visited museums and public collections2 , compared to 17.6 million persons in 2018;

- performing arts and concert institutions and companies gave 26.4 thousand performances on national territory, attended by 8.1 million spectators, compared to 26.2 thousand performances attended by 7.9 million spectators in 2018.

Libraries released in 2019 to each active user a number of 11 volumes on average, and there have been 18.2 million visitors to museums and public collections last year, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS) published on Monday.

At the same time, entertainment institutions and companies held over 26,400 performances, attended by 8.1 million spectators.

According to INS, in 2019, the activity of the main cultural-artistic units included the activities of libraries, museums and public collections, institutions and performance or concert companies, publishing houses, cinemas, broadcasting and television.

The library network included 9,222 administrative units in 2019 which made about 161 million volumes available to the public.

In urban areas, there were 3,454 libraries, with a book collection of 124 million volumes (76.2 pct of the national book stock available in libraries), and in rural areas, although the number of libraries was considerably higher than that in the cities (5,768 libraries), the book collection was much smaller, at 37 million volumes.

Statistical data show that the number of active users totaled 3.1 million people in 2019, and their distribution shows a predominance of school libraries (50.6 pct) and public ones (35.7 pct). The number of volumes released to different users last year was 33.3 million volumes, at an average of 11 volumes per user.

On the other hand, in terms of museums, official statistics show that Romania's museum and public collections network included in 2019 a number of 461 basic units. The number of cultural and natural assets, as of the end of 2019, was over 33.8 million, of which over 32.6 million cultural assets and museum pieces, and over 1.2 million represented plants and animals from botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums and nature reserves.

The number of visitors to museums and public collections last year was 18.2 million, of whom more than half a million enjoyed free admission on "Museum Night".

According to the INS, in 2019, the network of show and concert institutions and companies included 175 units, of which 175 basic units and 67 departments. Entertainment institutions and companies organized 26,400 performances attended by 8.1 million spectators. Depending on the type of entertainment institutions and companies, in 2019, most spectators were registered at theaters (44.5 pct) and performances given by artistic, dance and revue ensembles (29.5 pct).

Last but not least, in the publishing segment, last year there were 549 units with magazine and newspaper activity. Of these, 254 publishing houses printed newspapers (daily and non-daily), 256 publishing houses distributed magazines and a number of 39 publishing units printed both newspapers and magazines. The 293 publishing houses that published printed newspapers put out in 2019 a number of 263 titles of daily and non-daily printed newspapers and published online a number of 262 titles of daily and non-daily newspapers.

According to the quoted source, the number of titles of periodicals (magazines) published last year was 1,866 printed titles and 455 online titles. 

With regard to the existing cinema network at the end of 2019 in the records of the National Council of Cinematography, the official data show that it included 98 full-band cinema units. It had 432 cinemas with a total of 76,300 seats. The cinema projection included 638,000 shows, watched by 13.1 million viewers.

Also in 2019, 474 films were distributed in cinemas, of which 94 national films and 380 foreign films.

At the same time, the broadcasting program of the central and territorial public radio stations was 167,000 hours program (internal programs accounted for 149,300 hours and external programs for 17,700 hours).

The public television stations aired in 2019 a number of 51,200 program-hours broadcast. Of the total program hours aired in 2019, 19.8 pct were represented by event and information programs, 12.7 pct by art and culture programs, 11.3 pct by education programs and 9.7 pct by news programs.

There were 566 private radio stations in operation in 2019, the INS notes.