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Over half of active jobs in Romania in 2020 were college graduates


Over half of jobs (52%) active in Romania in 2020 were in the White collar category, while a third (33%) were blue collar, according to data released by Best Jobs, an online recruiting site, on Tuesday.According to BestJobs, only 15% of all active jobs last year were represented by management and team coordination positions.


Remote jobs, which could be performed from home, were the “stars”of the pandemic year, so that in 2020 candidates performed over 600,000 searches for such positions in which day by day activity can be carried out from anywhere.


As for the prospects of remote jobs in 2021, specialists estimate a new increase of about 60% compared to 2020, for white collar jobs in work from home system.

Data centralized by BestJobs representatives show the fact that the biggest employers of 2020 were companies from fields like: retail, medical & pharmaceutical, IT&C, financial-consulting, constructions and BPO.  Together, the six domains were responsible for more than 60% of the number of jobs for which employers posted ads on BestJobs site over January-December 2020.


Even though the pandemic modified the whole recruiting process to a wide extent, employers continued to be active in contacting applicants and the overall volume of direct contacts on BestJobs grew in 2020 by 19% compared to 2019. At the same time, the employees' interest in evaluating the employers' offers went up. In the pandemic year the overall number of new job applications  was 58% higher than in the same period of previous year,” the specialized report mentions.


According to the source, in 2020 jobs most in demand were in the fields: transport with over 260,000 searches, financing-accounting (over 250,000), engineering (more than 54,000), medical & pharmaceutical (about 180,000), IT&C (over 160,000) and sales (over 145,000).


Over 70% of Romanian employees who participated in the study made by BestJobs at the end of 2020 say the level of stress on the job  had grown since the beginning of the pandemic and more than a quarter of them said  the stress level even doubled.

In this respect, about 30% of respondents say they are already stressed and tiredness makes 20% others believe than in about 6 months they will be rundown if stress remained at the same level, while about 16% estimate they will be rundown in a year.

2021 estimates show that the main tendency in the labor market will remain digitization and automation, both in the recruiting process and in the employees' activity.


Beyond the specialties most needed in the market, employers say that more than anytime abilities such as solving complex situations, adaptability, the capacity to make rapid decisions or digital aptitudes  will count for the hiring decision.  As for learning and development, in 2021 most companies intend to make important changes in developing employee abilities, professional reconversion and changing the way in which they measure their own employees' productivity,”specialists say.


BestJobs is one of the most important online recruiting sites in Romania, with over 25,000 active jobs at the  moment both in the country and abroad.