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Parliament approved the Romanian Armed Forces mission with the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL/Daesh


The Romanian Parliament on Monday unanimously approved a request from President Klaus Iohannis for the Romanian Armed Forces to continue this year their mission with the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL/Daesh by deploying up to 50 troops and expand their deployment area to include Kuwait. 

The Romanian Defence Ministry will be mandated to conclude memoranda of understanding with the US partner and other member states of the coalition that want to support the Romanian troops in the theatre of war. The Romanian troops that will join operations outside the national borders in 2017 will be properly equipped to carry out their specific missions, with the necessary funds to come from the budget of the Defence Ministry. 

President Iohannis had sent Parliament a letter requesting for approval of the Romanian Armed Forces' continuation of their mission with the Global Coalition to Counter ISiL/Daesh starting in 2017. 

"Under the 2015-2019 national defence strategy, Romania contributes toward the advancement of regional as well as global stability and security as well as to the fight against international terror as a responsible member of the world community by joining missions and operations outside the borders of the Romanian state. The principal effort will be deploying own resources to NATO's Resolute Support Mission (RSM) and Iraq, as part of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL/Daesh, while also keeping up Romania's participation in the NATO KFOR and EU's ALTHEA missions in the Balkans," the letter says.