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Patrick Griffin: Romania will have the latest version of Patriot defense system this year


Romania will receive the latest version of the American Patriot air defense system Patriot, Patrick Griffin, program manager of Patriot missile system in Romania, within Raytheon Missiles and Defense company.


Romania has now a Patriot target system which the American company delivered in September 2020.


At the same time, Romania will become the first country to use the latest version of Patriot sir defense and anti missile system as Raytheon Missiles and Defense got green light from the US Armed Forces, early this year, following a critical evaluation of the system design, Griffin added.


This improved version will be delivered to Romania in the second half of 2022. At the same time, Romania will be able to upgrade the unit it already operates.

The US official detailed, in an interview, the characteristics of this defense system and why Romania needs it.


Patriot is a defense system allowing Romania to defend its citizens from a complete range pf threats, from tactical ballistic missiles and cruise missiles to drones and complex aircraft. Moreover, the system ensures complete interoperability with already existing NATO structure, guaranteeing vital protection in the Black Sea area.


The Patriot system is used by 16 other nations, including NATO member countries. In his opinion, Patriot system is efficient in defending against a wide range of threats, from aircraft, to drones or tactical and cruise ballistic missiles. The Romanian Armed Forces will be able to use it to answer those threats as they seem fit.