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Pavel Filip and Jens Stoltenberg talked about measures for opening NATO Liaison Office


Pavel Filip, the premier of Moldova, had a phone talk on Thursday, with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. They spoke about the inauguration of the NATO Liaison Office in Chisinau and measures to be adopted by authorities to facilitate this process, Moldova’s government mentions in a press release.

Pavel Filip emphasized that his government would grant support to facilitate accreditation procedures for Office staff, as well as for the functioning of the Office.

In his turn, Stoltenberg mentioned that accreditation procedures will be launched for Office personnel and the Office is likely to be opened in June 2017.

Premier Pavel Filip invited NATO General Secretary to make a visit in Moldova, to participate in the opening of the Liaison Office. The premier showed Moldova’s interest in consolidating political dialogue and practical cooperation with the Alliance in the fields established in the Individual Partnership Action Plan between Moldova and NATO (IPAP).

At the same time, Pavel Filip said the principle of Moldova’s neutrality has been included in IPAP, therefore there is no need to sign a separate accord on that topic.

Another subject discussed by the two officials had in view the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. Moldova’s premier thanked NATO for the support granted to Moldova in the process of peacefully settling the Transnistrian conflict while observing Moldova’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as for the efforts of Russian armed forces withdrawal.

During the visit made in Brussels early this month, the president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, declared that opening a NATO liaison office in Chisinau “will create impediments in negotiations on the Transnistrian matter,” and said the action was not “welcomed” by Moldova’s citizens.

He asked Alliance officials not to be hasty in opening the office for which he always expressed his disagreement and warned “we will make a decision in the interest of Moldova’s citizens” in case the office was opened.

NATO Liaison Office “will not increase or ensure citizens’ safety, but looked like a challenge made by those who were in office before me”, Dodon said in Brussels.