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Petrescu: Economic values of creative industries could reach 10% of GDP by 2020

The economic value of creative industries may have a 10% contribution to GDP by 2020, by introducing support plans, said Alexandru Petrescu, the minister for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship, according to a press release of the institution.

Upon the suggestion of the ministry, the Executive approved, in the Thursday meeting, the setting up of a work group for the economic promotion of cultural and creative sectors by strategies and programs of financial and legislative support.

In Romania there are special regulations for certain segments in the cultural and creative sectors, but they are not systematically structured, which creates confusions and methodological confusions. Until now, compared to other EU member states, Romanian creative industry has not received from the government, explicit regulations encouraging cultural and creative sectors. On the other hand, Romania should be aligned to European tendencies, which also become constrictions of the international market. To reach this target, there should be a passage to creative economy, by catalysing propagation of cultural and creative sectors in a large number of economic and social contexts, so that in 2020 they should have a contribution of 10% to Romania s GDP, the source mentioned.

The work group set up by memorandum will be presided by representatives of the Ministry for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship and of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity.

The National Institute for Cultural Research made a classification of cultural and creative sectors in 11 sub-domains (Cultural Patrimony, Archives and Libraries, Books and press, Visual Arts, Performance Arts, Interpretive Arts, Audiovisual and multimedia, Architecture, Advertising, Crafts, IT, software and electronic games, Research and Development.)

The Ministry informs that Gross Added Value made in the cultural and creative sectors at 2014 level was about 7% of GDP.