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PLUS' leader: It's obligatory to have early elections which would bring stability, predictability, clarity


The chairman of the Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (PLUS), Dacian Ciolos, stated, on Sunday evening, at Digi 24, that, from his point of view, it's mandatory early elections take place, it being Romania's opportunity to exit the instability situation that it is traversing.

"Early elections are not only possible, but necessary. It's mandatory, from my point of view, to have early elections if we think of Romania and if we think of what needs to be done in the country, not some or another's interests. Politics are not done for the self, you don't do politics for your party, you do politics to change things for the better in the country. (...) Nothing is impossible. It seemed that way to send the PSD [Social Democratic Party] Government home and yet it was not impossible. The political forces in Parliament, supported by the citizens, the voters, mobilized and took down the PSD Government. (...) Then let's go to the voters. The MPs are there with a mandate from voters. As long as they lack support for that mandate, they have nothing else to do there. It's this situation we're in right now, we're not doing theories. This Parliament cannot form anymore a solid, consistent and stable majority," Dacian Ciolos stated.

"Society wants a reform of the state, it wants performance from public services, it doesn't want anymore corruption, nepotism and appointments for public positions on political or clan criteria, it wants competence, transparency in using public money. All these things must be done and this cannot be done except by a stable majority," said Ciolos.

He also stated that the organization of early elections through the resignation of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban would not mean a "sacrifice" on his part.

"What sacrifice are we speaking of? Ludovic Orban went there with a mandate or to make reforms or to facilitate the preparation of early elections. It's clear. The President said it's a limited mandate, if we recall the installation of the Government, that it's a limited mandate, that this Government should make some reforms, put into practice what the citizens expect. (...) We don't have to insist too much, because the PNL accepted these things: local elections for mayors in two rounds, the revisal of the justice laws that were amended by the PSD," Dacian Ciolos emphasized.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the statements of the PSD leader according to which his party will not submit a censure motion were made because the Social Democrats like that the current Government acts with limited resources, as they can thus show the Executive is not capable to run Romania, and added that, through this attitude, the PSD is only following its own interest, and not the good of the country.

Ciolos contradicted the statements of PSD leaders that claim that early elections would create chaos in Romanian society an said that an early elections would bring "stability, predictability and clarity."