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PM Ciolacu: Russian Federation never attacked Romania intentedly and I am certain it will not in the future

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu on Saturday said, in Tulcea, while referring to the RO-ALERT warning messages received by the population on the night between Friday and Saturday, in the context of the war in Ukraine, that the Russian Federation never attacked Romania with intention since the start of this conflict and that he is certain it will not do it in the future either.

"The Russian Federation has never attacked Romania with intention [since the start of the conflict in Ukraine - editor's note] and I can tell you with certainty that it will not do it in the future either, this cannot be. We have an anti-drone system already in operation on the banks of Danube, especially in the Ismail area. However, the state has the obligation to inform its citizens, even if sometimes such information disturbs us or we don't like it. I was also informed about this at 2:00 am, and again at 3:30 am, since it was the normal thing to do. But this was not an attack on Romania. The alert was just a for of respect that the state must show to the population, even if it disturbing the citizens must be informed, this is the case everywhere in the world. Romania has never been safer from a military point of view as it is now and will never be safer as we are now. Since I am the prime minister right now, for I know this is only a temporary job, it's my duty to intervene and explain you exactly how things are, to tell you about the context and the truth. We all know what RO-ALERT means, this is not the first warning, but I think it's correct. I, as a citizen, especially after the Revolution of 1989, want to be informed and know the truth. But Romania is not in danger of going to war," the prime minister pointed out.

The population of Tulcea county received three RO-ALERT warning messages on the night between Friday and Saturday about the possibility of objects falling from the airspace, in the context of the war started by Russia against Ukraine, the first of this type this year, the Delta Emergency Situations Inspectorate informs.

The people of Tulcea were warned about the possibility of some objects falling from the airspace and they were advised to take protection and shelter measures if the situation requires it.

On the social networks, several people from Tulcea claimed that they heard loud explosions for a long time and that they fell asleep with fear.

According to ISU Delta, following the RO-ALERT messages, the institution's dispatcher received calls in which the people asked for information about their reason.